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    • SLaubach says:

      As soon as registration dates are set we will post it on our website and our Facebook page. Thank you for your interest in ESYA!

    • SLaubach says:

      Hi, we are currently looking for someone to oversee our basketball program. As soon as dates for registration are set, they will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

        • SLaubach says:

          Hi! Thank you for your interest in ESYA Basketball. We will be holding sign ups in the next few weeks. Dates and times will be posted here on the website and also on our Facebook page.

  1. John williams says:

    Any idea when registration is going to begin for basketball? The only dates listed are from around this time last year.

    • llaubach says:

      Hi John, The basketball program for the 2019-20 season should be off the ground soon. Please check back, for registration and schedule updates. Thank you for your patience as we want to make sure the resources are in place to make this season a huge success.

    • SLaubach says:

      Hi Daniel, There will be basketball registration at the Nicoletti Clubhouse @ Dansbury Park this Friday and Saturday. Friday from 6:00-8:00 and Saturday from 12:00-2:00.

  2. danielle vetrano skarica says:

    Hi there my 8 year old son is super excited to play. I would love to sign him up , any ideas what days and times we will be committing to (schedule as far as practice and games?). Also can I register him online or do we have to come by to do it.

    • SLaubach says:

      Hi, online registration should be opened this week. There were more registration dates added. They will be Monday, November 25th from 6-8pm, Tuesday, November 26th from 6-9pm and Saturday, November 30th from 12-2pm. Hopefully one of these dates works for you. Any questions regarding the schedule can be answered at registration. I am glad to here your son is excited for the basketball season. Thank you for your interest in the ESYA Basketball program.

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