ESYA Directors and Board Members (Questions regarding each program should be addressed to respective program directors)

POSITIONS NAME PHONE EMAIL Chairman of the Board Frank Nicoletti And Co-Founder President Randy Litts 570-656-5443 Vice President Thomas Sarni 718-354-6342 Treasure Paul Lopez Jr 570-807-1480 Secretary Sara Laubach 570-517-6252 General Manager Mary Stone Concession Manager Open Position BOARD MEMBERS Wanda Lasher 570-236-8897 Kelly Sarni 570-856-1369

Katrina Adams
Stephanie Bunnell

Alexa Tortorello
Dan Rolleri PROGRAM DIRECTORS Basketball Daryl Stone Cheerleading Amanda Censullo Football Daryl Stone T-Ball Jon Heimbach Wrestling Larry Laubach 570-666-0771